Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Repaint Zebra Crossing NOW! - Nakuru activist to county government

The faded pedestrian crossing that the activist wants redone 
Activists in Nakuru town irked by the County’s government reluctance to repaint the pedestrian crossing along Mburu Gichua Road as you enter Nakuru Town have resorted to different means.

Towards the end of last week, activist James Wakibia best known for his Ban Plastics campaign and his colleagues made a huge poster which they pasted as a billboard along the road calling on the county government to redo the zebra crossing.

The billboard in black and white has a chilly picture of an accident victim and the message “It is only a matter of time before this happens …………. Paint Zebra crossing now.”

The graphic Billboard next to the unmarked zebra crossing
For James Wakibia, this is not the first time he’s calling on those responsible to ensure the safety of pedestrians using the busy crossing opposite Kanu House.

“After another campaign on social media sometimes back, the government repainted the zebra crossing. They however used sub-standard paint and within a few weeks the paint had been washed away,” says Wakibia.

Apart from the zebra crossing repainting and the ban of plastics, Wakibia has also been on the forefront calling on the county government to repair the drainage system in Nakuru which is always getting blocked especially in this rainy season.


  1. Nakuru County has a lot of money its a poor system of duties, so Governor has to follow up or else we kick them out coming 2017 elections cause they are so fast in harassing for revenues while some works are not yet done..... Kinuthia must wake up

  2. Zebra crossing is very important it should be painted as soon as possible